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Navigating the Road Ahead: Important Pricing Updates at GoWrench Auto

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Dear Valued Customers,

At GoWrench Auto, we’ve always prided ourselves on offering top-notch auto repair and maintenance services that come directly to your doorstep. Our mission has been to save you time, add efficiency to your day, and provide unparalleled convenience. As we continue to strive for excellence, we want to keep you informed about some necessary changes that will be taking place regarding our pricing structure.

Why We're Adjusting Our Prices

We understand that any change in pricing can be a concern, especially in these uncertain times. We want to assure you that this decision wasn't made lightly. Several factors have influenced this adjustment, including:

1. Inflation: The rising cost of living affects us all, and the auto repair industry is no exception.

2. Interest Rates: Fluctuating interest rates have a cascading effect on operational costs, from equipment financing to inventory.

3. Carbon Taxes and Fuel Costs: Environmental policies, such as carbon taxes, have led to increased fuel costs, affecting our mobile services.

4. Increasing Labour Costs: To continue attracting skilled technicians and providing them with the training and tools they need, we face rising labour expenses.

5. Supplier Price Increases: The cost of parts and materials has gone up, affecting the overall cost of services.

6. Government Regulations: Regulations, red tape and fees in the automotive industry contribute to increased costs of compliance and overhead.

What Changes to Expect

Starting in September and October 2023, the prices of select services will be modified as follows:

- Minor services may see an increase of $4 - $9.

- Moderate services may be adjusted by $10 - $18.

Additionally, our regular labour rate will be changing to a range of $159.99 to $189.99, depending on the skillset required to complete the repair. Bulk discounts may be provided.

Our Commitment to You

We want to assure you that these changes are designed to allow us to continue offering the high-quality, convenient service you’ve come to expect from GoWrench Auto. Whenever possible, we will aim to save you money by:

- Bundling Services: If you need multiple services, we'll bundle them together to offer better value.

- In-Shop Service: Due to the increased cost of mobile service (van costs, gas costs, increased traffic congestion resulting in more staff costs) we will be helping more clients with our in-shop service. Technicians are able to increase efficiency and we are able to waive any mobile fees associated with the service when you drop your vehicle off.

- Flatbed Towing: We have launched our towing division to offer a different type of convenience; pickup and drop off of your vehicle. This allows us to complete more jobs in the shop, often getting a faster turnaround time and lower costs than the mobile mechanic service (depending on location and scheduling). By having a hybrid service with both mobile and in-shop technicians (who don't have drive time between jobs) we can get your service done more efficiently.

- Preventative Maintenance: Our expert technicians will always advise you on preventative measures, potentially saving you from more expensive repairs down the line.

- Transparent Pricing: We will continue to provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect.

- Efficiency: Our mobile service model cuts down on overhead, and we pass those savings on to you whenever possible.

We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, and we are committed to navigating them with as much fairness and transparency as possible. We deeply value the trust you place in us for your auto repair and maintenance needs, and we're committed to continuing to earn that trust every day.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued partnership with GoWrench Auto. We look forward to serving you under these new terms and are excited about the road ahead.

Safe travels,

The GoWrench Auto Team


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