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Tire Changes & Storage

5-Star Mobile or In-Shop Tire Swap / Tire Change Service in Ontario

Mobile Tire Change Service

For over 7 years, GoWrench has been innovating the way automotive services are done, becoming the leader at in-shop and mobile tire change service (at home, work, or on-site). Whether you need new winter tires, summer tires, an on-rim or off-rim tire swap, a tire patch or tire rotation service, GoWrench's 5-star tire change mobile service is ready to serve you. No more lugging tires around and messing up your upholstery and clothing. Say goodbye to waiting rooms or lineups, and bid farewell to the smell of oil and grease in your hair and car. With our at-home tire change/swap service, GoWrench brings the tire shop (and mechanic shop) directly to you.

Popular Tire Change Services

On Rim Tire Change

If both of your sets of tires have rims (aka wheels) within the rubber, then you need an "On-Rim" Tire Swap.  This means that both your summer tires and winter tires are already mounted on their rims and typically do not need to be taken off.  You may wish to have them balanced every one or two seasons to ensure no vibration while you drive. 

Off Rim Tire Change

If you have one set of rims (aka wheels) that you change the rubber tires on then you need an "Off-Rim" Tire Swap.  This means that your tires must be unmounted from the rim, and remounted with the other seasonal tire.  Our service vans have a mobile tire machine that will take the tire off of your rim, install the new tire, air it up and move it to the tire balancer to place the wheel weights on and balance the tire.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is necessary when an off-rim winter or summer tire swap is done, however it is optional when doing an on-rim tire swap as they would have been previously balanced.  If you feel there was any vibration previously then you may want to have them balanced to ensure a smooth ride and no unnecessary wear or damage to your tires, wheels or vehicle.


New Tire Sales and Installation

Upgrade to the highest quality tires with our New Tire Sales and Installation service. Our tire technicians will work with you to find the perfect fit for your car, whether it's a sedan, SUV or pickup truck. We provide installation services both in-shop and through our mobile service. We work with national suppliers to ensure top-quality brands and great prices. Drive with confidence (and style) knowing your safety is our top priority.

Shop online or call our friendly service advisors at:


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Tire Storage

Save room in your garage or shed.  GoWrench provides a turn-key bi-annual service where we store your tires and bring them with us when we come to swap your tires each season. We inspect your tires on-site and again at our storage facility before putting them safely away for their beauty rest. If there is excess road wear, curb rash or any damage to your rims or tires, we will provide our digital wheel inspection report complete with images so you can decide if you'd like to have them repaired while they are at our tire spa. This is our most convenient, time-saving and space-saving tire service.


Rim Repair

Life can be rough on your rims! If your beloved wheels have cracks, curb rash, dings or any damage to them, have GoWrench repair them for you. We provide a full-service wheel repair solution complete with a digital wheel inspection including images and we handle the transportation of your rims to our repair facility.  When they are ready to be re-installed we come to you with our award-winning mobile tire service technicians to have your rims installed back on your ride!

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Why Choose GoWrench

The Best Tire Selection

We work with the largest national tire suppliers to get you the best selection of tires at the best prices possible.  With a wide range of top tire brands, our tire specialists will help you buy the right tires for your vehicle.

Full-Service Mobile Tire Shop

No matter where you are, GoWrench's state-of-the-art service vans come to you fully equipped with tire machines, balancers, compressed air, and more.  This ensures our technicians have everything they need to give you the best possible tire service at home, work, or on-site.

The Best Tools, Team & Tech

Vehicles and tires are always evolving, so we do as well!  Using the best tire technology, training and TPMS tools we ensure that whether you have a gas or electric vehicle, all systems are a “Go”. 

How it Works


Select Service(s)

Get an instant online price for most maintenance and tire services.  For repairs, you can book a service call and a mechanic will diagnose the concern and give you a quote, on-site. If you would like a quote before we see the vehicle, you can Request a Quote in as little as 60 seconds and receive your quote by email or phone, usually within 1 business hour.


Book a Time

After selecting your service(s) (or a diagnostic), simply select a day & time that works best for you and we will dispatch our best-suited technician or mechanic, based on your vehicle & needs. You will receive a confirmation email with the details and a reminder email/SMS as well. Auto care has never been easier!


Receive Service

Once the technician arrives, they will explain the work order, what they will be doing and then begin work on your vehicle. In most cases, a complementary Digital Vehicle Inspection will be completed so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good condition or what may need to be addressed in the future.

Our Customers Say The Nicest Things!

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We would definitely recommend GoWrench Auto. We had issues with one of our work trucks... We booked for an appointment, they came out to our house, and fixed the issue. They were very honest and reliable, and didn't try and upsell us

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Two weekends ago, in the first major storm of the year and bitter cold, Todd from GoWrench came to my house, on very short notice, and replaced my car battery. The service was very professional, and GoWrench was most accommodating. 

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Had a great experience with gowrench, the mechanics were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They got the job done with no extra surprises. And I didn’t even have to leave my house

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TIRE Change

Check prices or schedule a service, online. Or, give us a call.

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