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Mobile Auto Maintenance

Auto Maintenance & More, Right to Your Door!

Mobile Auto Maintenance

Properly maintaining your vehicle is the best way to ensure proper functioning and prevent breakdowns.  Your manufacturer provides a recommended maintenance schedule which should be followed to ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape and you do not void your warranty.  Contact us to get a free quote on your recommended maintenance schedule or book your maintenance services today.

Gas or Electric Maintenance

No matter what kind of car you drive, the best way to keep it in good condition is to stay up to date with your maintenance schedules.  This includes all fluids, filters (cabin and engine), belts, bulbs, brakes, lubrication, tires and more.  Anything that moves needs maintenance to ensure it is safe and at peak operating condition.


All of GoWrench’s maintenance services are warranty approved.  Simply keep your service receipt that is automatically emailed to you and it will have all the information needed.

Auto Maintenance

Whether you need an oil change, air filter replacement, electric vehicle regenerative brake system cleaning or anything else, GoWrench has you covered with our award winning convenient mobile service.

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How it Works


Select Service(s)

Get an instant online price for most maintenance and tire services.  For repairs, you can book a service call and a mechanic will diagnose the concern and give you a quote, on-site. If you would like a quote before we see the vehicle, you can Request a Quote in as little as 60 seconds and receive your quote by email or phone, usually within 1 business hour.


Book a Time

After selecting your service(s) (or a diagnostic), simply select a day & time that works best for you and we will dispatch our best-suited technician or mechanic, based on your vehicle & needs. You will receive a confirmation email with the details and a reminder email/SMS as well. Auto care has never been easier!


Receive Service

Once the technician arrives, they will explain the work order, what they will be doing and then begin work on your vehicle. In most cases, a complementary Digital Vehicle Inspection will be completed so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good condition or what may need to be addressed in the future.

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Our Customers Say The Nicest Things!

We would definitely recommend GoWrench Auto. We had issues with one of our work trucks... We booked for an appointment, they came out to our house, and fixed the issue. They were very honest and reliable, and didn't try and upsell us

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Two weekends ago, in the first major storm of the year and bitter cold, Todd from GoWrench came to my house, on very short notice, and replaced my car battery. The service was very professional, and GoWrench was most accommodating. 

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Had a great experience with gowrench, the mechanics were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They got the job done with no extra surprises. And I didn’t even have to leave my house

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Recommended Maintenance

Each vehicle has a manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule that should be followed to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle.  This often includes time and mileage intervals for fluids, filters, belts, ignition systems and more.  Refer to your maintenance schedule or contact us today and we can look it up for you.

Oil changes are the most common maintenance that combustion engines require.  Depending on the vehicle, you typically need an oil change every 5000-10,000 km.  You can choose between conventional, semi-synthetic, full synthetic, or european formula oil changes. 

Your engine air filter ensures the air entering the engine is clean and free of contaminants.  After a while your air filter becomes clogged, restricting airflow and hindering your gas mileage.  Your cabin air filter cleans and filters the air that your heating or air conditioning system blows into your vehicle.  Both gas and electric vehicles have cabin air filters that should be replaced regularly.  

When you have a check engine light on, it means something is wrong and should be diagnosed.  The check engine light presents an engine code that refers to a sensor that is setting off an alarm.  A qualified mechanic will read the codes and diagnose further as to what the cause is and what repairs can be done to rectify the problem.  Once diagnosed, a quote will be provided to you for your approval.

(Or Unsure)

When you have a dash light or check engine light on it is best to get a diagnostic as soon as possible to avoid any degradation or damage to your engine components. A GoWrench technician will plug into your engine's computer and determine which codes are firing and provide a quote to you if needed.

Mobile Maintenance

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Check prices or schedule a service online. Or, give us a call.

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