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Mobile Tire Services

On-Rim Tire Swap

It's easy to see how fluctuating temperatures in Canada can wreak havoc on your tires. Protect your investment by ensuring that weather-appropriate tires are on your vehicle at all times. So when the snow starts to fly — and when it eventually starts to melt — book your mobile tire swap online and drive with confidence no matter what the weather brings! 

Here's what you need to know:

  • •  Changing to seasonal tires is a critical safety measure in Ontario
  • •  Swaps can extend the life of your summer and your winter tires 
  • •  We offer daytime, evening and weekend MOBILE appointments
  • •  If you're short on space at home, we can also provide storage for your off-season tires.
on-rim tire swap

Tire Rotations

If you choose not to swap your tires each season, it is imperative that you preform a tire rotation once or twice a year. The four tires on your vehicle each wear in different ways, tire rotations help the tires to wear evenly and last longer. 

Imagine if you let go of the steering wheel when driving, (just for a second!!!), ta car with even wear on the tires would continue to go in a straight line. If the tires have worn out differently, the car will instead drift in the direction of the better tire. This is also the reason why when you buy new tires, it is best to buy them in pairs. 

During the rotation, the front tires are moved straight back and the rear tires are moved diagonally to the front. This will ensure that every tire will see each corner of the car. Your mechanic should check for abnormal wear, which may be a sign of other problems

If the tire treading is lower than 1/16th of an inch the tires are worn out.

Rotating worn-out tires is of no use since the purpose of tire rotation is to extend the life of tires



Tire and Rim Sales

NEW!! Your favourite mobile mechanic service is now making your tire experience even easier! GoWrench Auto is now your place to purchase brand new tires and rims - complete with delivery and installation! 

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