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Tire Swap for a Tesla - done by GoWrench Auto

Mobile, On-Site, At-Home, At-Work Tire Shop & Tire Sales

Off-rim or on-rim tire swaps, new tire sales, and tire financing. 
Book online.  Stay at home.  It's never been easier.


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Award-Winning Tire Service That Comes To You.

For over 6 years GoWrench has been innovating the way automotive services are done.

No more lugging tires around and messing up your upholstery and clothing, no more waiting rooms or lineups, no more smell of oil and grease in your hair and car.  GoWrench brings the tire shop (and mechanic shop) to you.

Don't Get Stuck

Book quickly to avoid the rush and the weather.  

We bring the best equipment and experienced staff for a whole new level of service.

On-rim or Off-rim Tire Swaps

Remember when you had to lug your tires out of your garage or basement, get your clothes all dirty, jam your trunk and back seat and then bring it in to a lined up shop to wait around or get someone to pick you up?  That wasn't fun.  Have your vehicle serviced from the comfort of your home, office or home-office.  Everything we do is a COVID Safe Service.
Starting at $20 per tire.


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New Tires & Rims

Speak to one of our helpful service advisors to find the right tires and rims for your ride.  We carry all major brands from budget to best.  You can rest assured that after we help you find the right ones, we bring them to wherever you are and professionally install them.  It's never been easier.
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Tight on funds?  Our convenient service now extends to include zero credit, equal payment financing options. Budget tires, rims, repairs and maintenance on your terms through weekly or monthly instalments. You're approved for up to $10,000 instantly and the application takes less than 60 seconds.  Simply:
1. Enter your vehicle details to generate your loan approval
2. Select your favourite payment plan.
3. Provide proof of ownership and identification.
Approvals Start Here

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Why You Should Use Seasonal Tires

Seasonal Tires Perform Better

Winter tires grip the snow and ice better whereas summer tires perform better in hot weather and rain.  On top of that, by driving your winter tires in the summer you can wear down the softer rubber much faster.  By using the proper seasonal tires you get more mileage from your tires and improve performance and safety.

Using Winter and Summer Tires Saves You Money


We Service All Makes and Models

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Large Number of Vehicles?

Learn about our fleet services or large group discounts.  Contact us at 1 -855-462-9681

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