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How it all began

Have you ever had someone tell you no, and wondered "why not?" That's exactly what happened to CEO Joshua Lombardo-Bottema one morning as he was at work.  Joshua had one of his staff's work vehicles break down right in the yard. Not wanting to waste time and money on a tow truck, he called his mechanic and asked them if they could come by and repair the vehicle on site so that he could get back to his day. The response? "I don't do house calls buddy".

Why not?

Joshua set out to solve that problem. 

Without a solution though Joshua had to call a tow truck, assign the staff member to different tasks that weren’t as productive and certainly not income producing and then wait for the tow, have it brought in not knowing when it would be returned and then had to drive in with a second staff member to retrieve the vehicle once it was done.  This was a huge pain. There had to be a better way.

Why couldn't mechanics go right to your location and repair or maintain your vehicle? Why has the way we fixed and maintained our vehicles largely remained static over decades? 

In reality - there is no reason they can't. With highly-trained mechanics, the right technology, a dedicated customer service team, and the proper equipment, over 500 services can be completed at your work place, on the job or right in your driveway.  GoWrench Auto is here to change the way you think about car repairs.

Meet The Team

Joshua Lombardo - Bottema
Joshua is the captain that makes this ship run smoothly. He's always looking for new ways to innovate GoWrench and the services we offer.
Kolton Uitbeyerse

Our Chief Operations Officer Kolton handles all of the little details - and you'll often see him out on the road ensuring that customers are experiencing 5-star service!

Jesse Lombardo - Bottema
What's in a name? GoWrench Auto is a family-run business through and through - need to book a service? Give us a call and chat with Jesse! 
Arthur Smolarkiewicz
A seasoned business and sales professional, Arthur has been lending us his expertise to ensure that our service processes remain top notch. Arthur is dedicated to making sure our service quality continually improves as we grow. 
Christina Mackey
Christina always has something to say. Bringing you fresh, informative content on our blog and hours of entertainment across our social channels - it's always a party.
Linda Lombardo
Heading up the accounting department we have Linda, our numbers gal. Getting your payments processed quickly and easily using our transparent and secure payment processing system.