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Mobile Fleet Repairs & Maintenance

Fleet Repairs, Maintenance & Tires,
Wherever Your Fleet is!

Cost & Time Efficiencies of
Mobile Fleet Maintenance & Repair

When you think of vehicle maintenance, repairs, tires and annual inspections you probably don’t consider the OPPORTUNITY COST to your organization.  Add in the staff time to, waiting, and from the shop, along with lost revenues to your overall vehicle costs and you will be astounded to learn the real costs.  This is why GoWrench was born.  To solve this problem for you and save you thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When we sit down with fleet managers and business owners we help them uncover massive savings and huge operational efficiencies in their business.  Don’t take our word for it, check our testimonials below and then get in touch with us to uncover huge operational efficiencies and cost savings in your business.


With appointments available from 9am-8pm, 6 days per week, you can be sure to have your vehicles serviced at an optimal time.

Fleet Management

Our dedicated Fleet Managers are available by email, text, phone or DM for quick service calls and flexible scheduling.  We know how time-consuming it can be to try and find a shop, schedule appointments and organize staff and jobs around service appointments and repairs.  With GoWrench, with a few taps, you can dispatch a technician to wherever the vehicle is, whether it is at your location or a client’s.

Decreased Vehicle Downtime

With same day or next day service, as well as guaranteed appointment times, you know exactly when your vehicle will be back on the road.

Increase Team Productivity

No more carpooling to and from the shop. No more waiting rooms or tow trucks. Your team can focus on revenue-generating activities and getting the job done instead of pulling vehicles off the road or shuttling vehicles to the shop or dealership.

We Accept Fleet Cards

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How it Works


Select Service(s)

Get an instant online price for most maintenance and tire services.  For repairs, you can book a service call and a mechanic will diagnose the concern and give you a quote, on-site. If you would like a quote before we see the vehicle, you can Request a Quote in as little as 60 seconds and receive your quote by email or phone, usually within 1 business hour.


Book a Time

After selecting your service(s) (or a diagnostic), simply select a day & time that works best for you and we will dispatch our best-suited technician or mechanic, based on your vehicle & needs. You will receive a confirmation email with the details and a reminder email/SMS as well. Auto care has never been easier!


Receive Service

Once the technician arrives, they will explain the work order, what they will be doing and then begin work on your vehicle. In most cases, a complementary Digital Vehicle Inspection will be completed so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good condition or what may need to be addressed in the future.

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Our Customers Say The Nicest Things!


We would definitely recommend GoWrench Auto. We had issues with one of our work trucks... We booked for an appointment, they came out to our house, and fixed the issue. They were very honest and reliable, and didn't try and upsell us

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Two weekends ago, in the first major storm of the year and bitter cold, Todd from GoWrench came to my house, on very short notice, and replaced my car battery. The service was very professional, and GoWrench was most accommodating. 

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Had a great experience with gowrench, the mechanics were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They got the job done with no extra surprises. And I didn’t even have to leave my house

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Popular Mobile Fleet Services

When your fleet isn’t maintained properly it can lead to increased downtime and lost productivity.  We see countless fleet vehicles that have gone way overdue on oil changes, fluid exchanges and filter replacements.  With GoWrench we help you stay on top of your fleet maintenance and ensure your team and fleet are as productive as possible.

Your fleet’s seasonal tire swaps can be a huge time drain from your operation.  GoWrench’s mobile tire swap service can save you countless hours of back and forth from the shop and luggin tires around.  On top of that, GoWrench can store your tires to free up precious space in your facility so you can focus on what you do best.

When a vehicle goes down, is making a strange noise or has a dash light or safety concern you need a trusted service provider to keep you on the road and productive.  After all, it's not just the cost of the repair you have to consider, it is the staff cost and lost revenues/productivity that can double the real cost of any repair.  GoWrench has the best network of automotive technicians to ensure you save the most time and money when it comes to fleet repairs.


Most fleet vehicles require an annual inspection or sometimes you just need a professional to take a look at the vehicle to see what is going on.  Many fleet managers, general managers and CEOs use our service to be the eyes and ears that they need to ensure the proper operation of their fleet.  We can do annual inspections, monthly inspections and digital vehicle inspections on many service visits.


When unsure what is needed a full diagnostic service is required to determine the cause of the issue and what parts and labour are required to fix the problem.  A diagnostic is performed by a mechanic and typically diagnostic software is used to help diagnose any engine codes or electrical and/or mechanical issues that need to be addressed.  Book a diagnostic to get a full rundown on the issue and your overall vehicle’s condition.

Fleet Upfitting

Make your team as efficient as possible

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Check prices or schedule a service, online. Or, give us a call.

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