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GoWrench Auto and GoFleet Join Forces to Revolutionize Fleet Maintenance Solutions


Toronto, Sept 2023 – GoWrench Auto, a leading provider of mobile automotive services, and GoFleet, an industry pioneer in integrated fleet telematics and GPS solutions, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end fleet monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and tire service, providing fleet owners with an unprecedented level of convenience, efficiency, and confidence.

The partnership between GoWrench Auto and GoFleet combines the strengths and expertise of two industry leaders to deliver an innovative and integrated approach to fleet maintenance. By leveraging GoWrench Auto's convenient and reliable mobile automotive service and GoFleet's advanced fleet telematics and GPS solutions, fleet owners and managers now have access to a seamless and comprehensive solution tailored to their unique needs.

Fleet maintenance has never been smarter or more streamlined. With the combined power of GoWrench Auto and GoFleet, fleet operators can expect enhanced operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and minimized risk and liability. By integrating telematics and GPS technology with on-demand mobile automotive services, this partnership sets a new standard for fleet maintenance excellence.

"Our collaboration with GoFleet represents a significant milestone for GoWrench Auto," said Joshua Lombardo-Bottema, CEO at GoWrench Auto. "We are proud to join forces with a company that shares our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Together, we are redefining fleet maintenance, providing a one-stop solution that seamlessly integrates technology and service."

Fleet owners and managers will benefit greatly from the comprehensive suite of services offered by GoWrench Auto and GoFleet. Whether it's routine maintenance, repairs, tire service, or real-time tracking and monitoring, this partnership ensures that fleets receive the highest level of support and expertise. By addressing all aspects of fleet maintenance, this integrated solution empowers businesses to optimize their operations and focus on their core objectives.

"At GoFleet, we believe that success lies in providing holistic fleet management solutions," stated Vishal Singh, CEO at GoFleet. "By partnering with GoWrench Auto, we can now offer our customers an unmatched combination of convenience, accuracy, and reliability. Together, we are transforming the fleet maintenance landscape and empowering businesses to thrive."

For more information about this exciting partnership and the services provided by GoWrench Auto and GoFleet, please visit their respective websites at and

About GoWrench Auto: GoWrench Auto is a leading provider of mobile automotive services, offering convenient, on-demand repairs, maintenance, and tire service. With a team of certified technicians and a fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles, GoWrench Auto brings automotive expertise directly to the customer's location, eliminating the hassles and downtime associated with traditional repair shops.

About GoFleet: GoFleet and sister brand ZenduIT are industry leaders in integrated fleet telematics and GPS solutions, providing businesses with advanced tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. With a comprehensive suite of features and a user-friendly platform, GoFleet empowers fleet owners and managers to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and enhance driver safety.


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