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Car Troubles You Can Solve Before They Become a Major Repair

Use these tips to get insight on what may be wrong with your vehicle before it becomes a bigger problem leading to costly repairs.

The longer you spend driving your car, the more you get in-tune with the sounds and moves it make. With your sense in-tune to your car, you should be able to detect potential problems and ward them off. Things you can detect include change in car smell, strange noises it starts making or a change in the way it handles.

What fluids are coming out of your vehicle?

Ordinarily, an occasional drop of fluid under your vehicle should not raise an alarm. However, if you notice huge amounts of fluids, then your vehicle might be telling you that something is not right. There are different fluid colors to look out for:

If you notice a dark brown or black oily fluid under your vehicle then it means that your car engine is potentially leaking oil. Normally, the leak is caused by a bad seal or gasket and should be addressed right away. If you notice a pastel blue, yellowish green or fluorescent orange colour then it means that your water pump or radiator may be leaking, or there could an antifreeze leak that could be as a result of a bad hose. This could result in an overheated engine or even seize your engine so be sure to give us a call to get this fixed asap. If you notice red oily fluid then your transmission or power-steering could be leaking. If transmission fluids get to dangerously low levels then it could cause overheating or metal on metal on your transmission which can lead to very costly repairs. What smell is your vehicle emitting?

In case you notice a light, sharp odor then you might be looking at burning insulation or an electrical short. Be sure to have this problem checked out as soon as possible. If your vehicle emits a smell much like rotten eggs then you are looking at a problem with the emission control devices or the catalytic converter. If you start your vehicle and are welcomed with the smell of gasoline vapors then you could be looking at a flooded engine. What sounds are coming out of your vehicle?

If your vehicle is screeching as you drive then you could be looking worn brake indicators or brakes that are so worn down they squeal while just driving. When this occurs, you should take your car for maintenance immediately. If your vehicle squeals while just braking then you need new pads and most likely new rotors as well. If you hear a click then you could be looking at low engine oil, a stuck valve filter or loose wheel cover. You could also be looking at a bent or loose fan blade. A squeal could indicate a worn or loose fan or air conditioning belt. It could also indicate loose or worn power steering. A clinking sound could indicate loose exhaust pipe or shock absorber. A pinging sound could indicate that you are using gas that has a lower octane rating than what is indicated in the owner’s manual A heavy knock could indicate worn connecting rod bearings or crankshaft. It could also indicate loose transmission torque converter. Other things to look out for when driving your car:

As you are driving your vehicle, you may find that it is difficult to handle the car, or that it is giving off certain vibrations. In case you find difficulty in steering the vehicle then you could be looking at misaligned front wheels or worn steering components. If the vehicle tends to shift to the right or left then you could be faced with a damaged or misaligned front end. It could also mean that the tires are under-inflated.

Mechanic Repairs

In any case, ensure you have a certified automotive technician inspect and diagnose your vehicle to ensure the proper repairs and maintenance can be carried out to prevent further damage to your vehicle. At GoWrench Auto we are always here to help. You can book an appointment online at


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