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Award-winning mobile mechanics now in Ottawa

Did you know that GoWrench CEO and Founder Joshua Lombardo-Bottema grew up in Ottawa? It was way past due for him to bring his award-winning auto repair service back home. This year, GoWrench was able to expand to provide full-time mechanic services in Ottawa - wherever their customers might be.

“The idea for GoWrench came from a personal experience,” said Joshua Lombardo-Bottema, CEO and founder of GoWrench, in a press statement. “My car broke down in the middle of a busy workday, and when I called my mechanic and asked him to come to me, I was laughed at.” “It was a lightbulb moment. There’s clearly a divide between what consumers want and what mechanics are offering. GoWrench was created to close that gap.”

Ottawa Auto Repair services include oil changes and maintenance, tire swaps, diagnostics, and auto repairs - why waste your time and money on a tow?

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