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25 Thoughts You've Had Sitting in a Waiting Room

Waiting rooms suck. While GoWrench is doing its very best to eliminate waiting rooms where it can - sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that requires us to sit - usually surrounded by awkward silence, - in a waiting room. Despite getting there at your scheduled appointment time, the wait seems endless. Here are 25 thoughts you have most definitely had while sitting in a waiting room.

  1. Oh there aren't that many people here! (huzzah!)

  2. This chair looks good - buffer chairs on each side (blech, people)

  3. Let's see what social media has to tell me today.

  4. Isn't it weird how everyone is one their phones?

  5. Ok, with 5 people in the waiting room - this much time per person, that's how long I should be waiting. Not bad.

  6. Just scrolling past the same statuses again but I have to look busy.

  7. Is that person sleeping?

  8. These people seem like they've bene here a long time

  9. Is there like a separate holding space or something?

  10. Ooooh a personality quiz!

  11. Ok - that thing was definitely just random.

  12. I am suddenly very hungry. How long would it take for me to grab food - will I miss my turn?

  13. Oh! Things are moving. Surprisingly it was not sleeping guy who was here the longest.

  14. I wonder if he can just go to sleep on command. Maybe he got here right before me....

  15. I could probably be doing something more productive with this time.

  16. What can I get done with my phone?

  17. 27 % , that should last right?

  18. Maybe I should conserve by not using my phone so that the possibility of using my phone lasts longer....

  19. Two more people ahead of me - I've got this.

  20. Sleeping guy was not sleeping - he just didn't want to make eye contact - totally relatable.

  21. I wonder how long it will take once it's my turn? If it takes 17 minutes I still have time to get to work.

  22. What will it be like when my name is called? I don't want to seem too excited.

  23. I'm next - the tension is palpable. These are the longest minutes of all.

  24. Better back away my stuff so I am ready the moment it's my turn!

  25. That's my name! It's my turn! I made it!, walk calmly to the desk.

Maybe your waiting room experience is different than mine - but I have definitely had each one of these thoughts! Luckily for you (and probably sleeping guy) you no longer have to wait in a waiting room when it comes to regular car maintenance and repairs like oil changes, seasonal tire swaps, or even battery and brake replacements! Seems like a win to me.


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