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    About Cooling System Flush

    What does the coolant system and fluid do?, This system circulates coolant through the engine, absorbing the heat of the engine and cycling it back to the radiator to where it can be cooled. This is a constant reoccurring cycle while the engine is running to keep it at a proper operating temperature.,, How do you know you need your coolant system flushed?,, , , , , ,,, How is the coolant system flushed by a mobile mechanic?,, ,, , , , , , ,,, How important is having your Coolant system flushed?, There is no set rule for how often you should get your coolant system flushed. Occasionally flushing your car's coolant system will help extend the useful life of your vehicle.,While there is no set schedule for getting a coolant flush, almost all car manufacturers recommend that you drain and refill your coolant system with quality antifreeze at least every other year, or every 60,000 to 80,000 kms - whichever comes first. Occasionally flushing the coolant system will help keep it clean and prevent buildup of dirt and sediment. Fresh antifreeze will also help protect your vehicleäóťs engine from extreme cold or hot temperatures. ,,

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