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    About Brake Pad Replacement

    What do the brake pads do? The braking system is what stops your vehicle. When you push on your brake pedal it sends fluid from the master cylinder through the brake lines to the brake pads (or shoes) to squeeze or push on the brake rotors (or drums). After a few years of driving, your pads and rotors wear down (Drums and shoes if equipped). If they become critically low you will often have one or more of the following symptoms: You may hear a grinding sound coming from the brakes, the brake pedal pulsating, steering wheel vibration only while braking, or often having to press down further than normal in order to brake. How do you know you need brake pads replaced If you hear a squealing noise or grinding during braking. If it is really bad you may hear a constant metal on metal noise while the wheels are in motion. There may be a yellow or amber light on your dashboard indicating there may be a problem with your ABS brake system. There may be a red light on your dashboard indicating there may be an imbalance. If it takes longer to stop or the brakes feel squishy or spongy. How are the brake pads replaced by a mobile mechanic A mat is placed under the work area to prevent any mess We remove your tires We remove your old brake pads and rotors (Drums and shoes if equipped) and hardware. Caliper piston is compressed, and is also serviced and lubricated to prevent seizing free of charge. Surfaces where brake hardware, rotors and pads rest are cleaned and lubricated. Mid-grade or Premium-grade brake pads and rotors (Drums and shoes if equipped) and new hardware are then installed. Tire is then re-installed and a test drive will conclude everything is working perfectly. Work area is left as clean after as it was when we arrived. How important is having your brake pads replaced If you allow your brake pads to wear down too much you will often hear a metal on metal grinding noise. If left too long your braking system could fail leading to an accident. It is very important to ensure your brake pads have enough "meat" left on them to properly stop your vehicle.

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