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    About Battery Light is on Inspection

    Battery Light is on Inspection Your vehicle’s dash lights help to alert you to anything that may not be working correctly within your vehicle’s many complex systems. When your battery light comes on - even if your car is running as normal, it’s best to get a battery light is on inspection to see what the issue could be - before it becomes something bigger. What could be the issue that requires a battery light is on inspection Your battery light is illuminated when your vehicle is running Your vehicle does not seem to have enough power to turn over This issue could be caused by a variety of issues including an alternator, an old or damaged battery, or even a worn out serpentine belt - there is just no way to know what could be causing the issue without having it inspected by a professional. What to expectYour certified mechanic will arrive during your scheduled time slotYour GoWrench mechanic will inspect all components of the battery and charging mechanisms Your GoWrench mechanic will provide detailed feedback on your issue How will your mobile mechanic perform a battery light is on inspection? Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will begin by testing the battery itself Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will then test the alternator and inspect the serpentine belt to establish where the issue is coming from Once completed, your certified GoWrench Mechanic will provide a detailed description of the issue and next steps. How important is having a battery light is on inspection inspection? That depends - how important is it that your vehicle starts? Ignoring a battery issue could easily end up with you being stranded the next time you go to start your vehicle. If you notice that your battery light is on, or that your battery does not seem to be holding a charge, schedule a battery light is on inspection with a certified GoWrench mechanic right away.

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