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    About Battery is dead Inspection

    Battery is dead Dead batteries are probably the most common of all car problems. Even a brand new vehicle can experience a dead battery. Your vehicle cannot run without a battery. When you turn the ignition, your car draws energy of from the battery to activate the relay and send gasoline to the engine. It also required voltage from the battery to ignite the spark plugs, turning the engine over. What could be the issue that requires a battery is dead inspection? Your vehicle does not turn over when you turn the ignition You notice there is no radio or lights working in the vehicle You simply hear a clicking sound when you try to turn the key This issue could be caused by a variety of things - perhaps you left your headlights on overnight? Perhaps your battery has reached the end of it’s life? Consequently it may not be the battery at all - any component of the charging or electrical system could be causing a drain on the battery or for it not to be able to renew its charge. What to expectYour certified mechanic will arrive during your scheduled time slot Your GoWrench mechanic will examine all components of the electrical system to determine where the issue lies Your GoWrench mechanic will provide detailed feedback on your issue How will your mobile mechanic perform a battery is dead inspection? Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will begin by testing the battery Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will examine all parts of the electrical/charging system to determine the issue Once completed, your certified GoWrench Mechanic will provide a detailed description of the issue and next steps. How important is having a battery is dead inspection? Having a battery is dead inspection could save you money on replacing a battery that may not even be the issue. If you opt to simply replace the battery, it may also die if the issue is an underlying drain on the electrical system or a problem with the alternator. If you notice that your battery is dead, it is important to schedule a battery is dead inspection right away.

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