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    About AC Receiver Dryer Replacement

    What is the AC receiver dryer? The AC dryer is a works as a filter that removes moisture and contaminants from a vehicle's AC system. The ACR dryer is made up of 3 components - the container which temporarily stores oil refrigerant during periods of low cooling demand, The desiccant sack which removes moisture from the refrigerant and traps debris thus preventing clogs, and the inlet/outlet which allows the cyclical flow of refrigerant. How do you know your AC receiver dryer needs to be replaced? Cabins air temperature is inconsistent and varied. Strange noises while the system is running How is the AC receiver dryer replaced by a mobile mechanic? AC refrigerant is removed from the system and the defective dryer is removed. A new dryer is installed and the AC system is evacuated and charged with refrigerant. The vehicle is road tested to check the AC systems operation. How important is it to have your AC pressure switch replaced? If moisture makes itäóťs way into an AC system, it can turn into hydrochloric acid when it combines with the refrigerant. This is highly corrosive to metal components and can cause a lot of damage if not fixed promptly.

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