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    About Wheel Seal Replacement

    What does the wheel seal do? The wheel seal is used to retain grease within the wheel bearing. Grease is essential to the smooth operation of the wheel bearing as without it, the moving parts would grind together leading to a much more expensive repair. ŒćŒćŒć How do you know your wheel seal needs to be replaced? You notice a noise coming from the wheel. This noise could be a squeal, a howl or even (in extreme cases) a grinding sound Your ABS warning light comes on You notice grease or oil leaking from near the wheels Howis the wheel seal replaced by a mobile mechanic? The car is mounted on jacks right in your driveway (or parking lot) The affected wheels,hubs and seals are removed from your vehicle The broken seal is replaced and installed on your vehicle The hubs and wheels are re-installed on your vehicle The vehicle is lowered off the jack stands How important is having your wheel seal replaced? Having properly rotating wheel bearings is essential to the operation of your vehicle. If the bearing wears down, the wheel itself can become loose and pose a danger to not only those riding in your vehicle, but all others on the road. Keeping your wheel seals in good condition allows the bearings to remain greased and may extend the life of the bearings.

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