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    About Transfer case fluid is low Inspection

    Transfer Case fluid is low Inspection

    Not all vehicles have a Transfer Case. Only all wheel Drive (AWD) and four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles will have this. This allows power from the engine to be dispersed to all four wheels instead of only two.

    What could be the issue that requires a Transfer Case fluid is low Inspection?

    • Leaking Input Seal
    • Leaking Output Shaft Seal Front
    • Leaking Output Shaft Seal Rear
    • Leaking Vent Hose
    • Leaking Transfer Case Gasket

    What to expect

      One of our Experienced Mobile Mechanics will come and Inspect the transfer case and seals related to the system for leaks to determine the cause of the low fluid. They will then give you a copy of the report and an estimate cost for repairs.

    How is a Transfer Case fluid is low Inspection done by a mechanic?

    • The mechanic first inspects the gasket at the transfer case
    • Then they inspect the seals on the shafts
    • They will also inspect the vent hose and seal at transmission

    How important is having a Transfer Case fluid is low Inspection?

    The system has fluid to help keep the system lubricated. If the system runs dry then it will cause serious damage to the transfer case internally due to high heat caused by operation.

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