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    About Timing Chain Replacement

    What does the timing chain do? The timing chain is a metal chain, as opposed to a timing belt which is made of rubber. The chain is located inside of the engine and needs to be lubricated by the oil in the engine so everything runs together. It keeps the crankshaft and camshaft(s) in good timing with each other. This insures proper operation of the engine. In some vehicles, the timing chain also runs other components of the vehicle like the water pump. How do you know you need your timing chain replaced? Loss of power while vehicle running indicating timing chain or tensioner failed Vehicle has rough idle or shakes vehicle doesn't start Engine light is on and shows a timing code How is the timing chain replaced by a mobile mechanic? Remove engine cover and other accessories to gain access to chain In some vehicles, The front of the vehicle including the bumper, radiator and hoses have to be removed to gain access Remove and replace timing chain, tensioners, guides and accessories (if equipped) Line up chain with marks on camshafts and chain Re-attached cover and any accessories that were removed Test drive vehicle How important is having your timing chain replaced? The timing chain is under high tension, if the chain breaks, stretches or if the tensioner fails, it can cause serious internal damage to the engine. This component should not be overlooked and should be replaced as scheduled.If one of the timing components fails, it's highly recommended to change all timing components such as chain, tensioner and all guides.

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