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    About Refrigerant Pressure Sensor (Switch) Replacement

    What does the refrigerant pressure sensor (switch) Œdo? Your car's A/C is pressured with special gas also called refrigerant. It flows through the air conditioning's lines, removing heat and moisture from inside the cabin. It circulates through the entire system and eventually winds up in the radiator where the built-up heat gets dispersed into the air and the gas gets cooled. Because the refrigerant is pressurized, it requires a pressure sensor to monitor its operation at all times. This pressure sensor (switch) is located by the firewall and constantly keeps an eye on the A/C pressure. How do you know you need your refrigerant pressure sensor (switch) replaced? Your AC is not cooling the vehicle cabin Your AC takes much longer than usual to begin cooling the vehicle cabin You notice a hissing or squealing sound similar to air escaping a tight space How is the refrigerant pressure sensor (switch) replaced by a mobile mechanic? The refrigerant is removed The refrigerant pressure sensor is removed and examined If faulty, the refrigerant pressure sensor is replaced and reinstalled The AC unit refilled with new refrigerant and the unit is tested for functionality How important is having your refrigerant pressure sensor replaced? A/C is more of a luxury feature, and won't cause the car to misfire or malfunction, but in many places it is a necessity. Could you drive with a faulty A/C on an extremely hot summeräóťs day? We didn't think so.

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