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    About Power Steering Fluid Service

    What is a power steering fluid service?, Your power steering system enables you to turn your steering wheel safely and with ease by pumping fluid through the power steering hydraulic system. When power steering fluid is bad or contaminated it can cause seals in the system to leak and eventually fail. ,, How do you know you need a power steering fluid service?,, , Fluid is black/brown (contaminated), Difficulty turning the steering wheel, Groaning noise from the power steering pump or steering gear,,, How is The power steering fluid serviced by a mobile mechanic?,, ,, Power steering reservoir is emptied of all fluid., Reservoir is refilled with the correct type and amount of fluid, Bleed the power steering system and clean up any residual fluid., Power steering ability is checked with vehicle running., System is checked for leaks..,,, How important is having your power steering fluid checked?, A fully functioning power steering system is vital to being able to move your steering wheel with ease. Driving with a non-functioning power steering system can be dangerous. A flush of this system is recommended by manufacturers every 3-4 years. ,

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