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    About Cruise Control Clutch Release Switch Replacement

    What does the cruise control clutch release switch do? Unlike automatic transmissions, manuals have a third pedal at the bottom called the clutch and a stick shift between the two seats. As you have a pedal operating engine engagement/disengagement, you need another way of disengaging the cruise control when the pedal is depressed. This is exactly what the clutch release switch does. It also acts as a safety net to the already existing button release switch on the steering wheel. How do you know you need your cruise control clutch release switch replaced? The cruise control will fail to set or activate on your manual transmission vehicle The clutch fails to deactivate the cruise control How is the cruise control clutch release switch replaced by a mobile mechanic? All of the switches get checked and the faulty one is singled out. If it is indeed the clutch release switch which is malfunctioning all trim panels restricting access to it are removed The clutch release switch is removed and replaced All of the trim panels get re-installed and the cruise control brake release switch gets tested for proper operation, usually by way of a road test How important is having your cruise control clutch release switch replaced? Although not essential to the operation of your vehicle, cruise control can make everyday life - or that family camping trip - that much easier. If yours is not working correctly, schedule an appointment with our mobile mechanic to get it fixed as soon as you can.

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