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    About Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

    What does the brake master cylinder do? The brake master cylinder pushes brake fluid through the brake lines to the brake assembly at each wheel How do you know you need your brake master cylinder replaced? The vehicle's braking performance and power is reduced Brake pedal feels spongy Brake pedal goes to the floor Brake fluid leaking from master cylinder itself How is the brake master cylinder replaced by a mobile mechanic? All covers and accessories that need to be removed to gain access to the master cylinder are removed. All brake lines are removed from the master cylinder The master cylinder is removed from the vehicle The new master cylinder is pre-bled of air before installation The new master cylinder is installed and the brake lines are reconnected the entire brake system is bled of air The covers and accessories that were removed are reinstalled How important is having your brake master cylinder replaced? The master cylinder is what supplies braking power to all 4 wheels, without proper operation the vehicle is extremely unsafe to drive and could cause excessive damage

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