Terms, Conditions and Policies

(The legal mumbo-jumbo)


    The Client acknowledges that the Company owns the rights to their products, services and technology and that they cannot, without written consent from the company, use any logos, trademarks or any other documents that are owned, created, managed and operated by the company. The client also understands that the company can revoke and access to these.


    Mechanics do not accept payments. GoWrench phone reps take payment information over the phone when booking appointment.

    Credit Card payments are pre-authorized for the full amount at the time of booking. The payment is only held until the appointment is complete. At that time,  the pre-authorization is then completed. If the appointment is cancelled, the pre-authorization is cancelled and funds are released back to the credit card it was held from.

    Cash, Cheque, Money order are not accepted. E-transfers can be accepted but must be approved by a manager prior to service.

    The Client shall pay all other invoices issued by the Company within fifteen (15) days of the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. In the event of late payment, the Company may charge interest on the amount outstanding before and after judgment at the rate of five (5) percent. Every 2 (two) weeks 5% late fee will be charged until fully paid. In addition, invoices unpaid for more than 60 days after the invoice date will incur a surcharge of either $20.00 or 5% of the outstanding amount, whichever sum is greater.

    If any amount of an invoice is disputed then the Client shall inform the Company of the grounds for such dispute within seven days of delivery of the goods and services and shall pay to the Company the value of the invoice less the disputed amount in accordance with these payment terms. Once settlement of the dispute has been agreed, any sum then outstanding shall also be payable in accordance with these payment terms.

    The Company reserves the right to increase a quoted fee in the event that the client requests a variation to the work agreed.

    The prices, quantities and estimated labour times stated in any quotation are not binding on the Company. They are commercial estimates only, which the company will make reasonable efforts to achieve.

    Any factors resulting in the increased or decreased of completion time of any service can change without notice.

    Any changes in price of parts and products can change without notice and are only considered estimates until parts are ordered and installed.

    Once an estimate has been delivered and acknowledged, it is implied that these terms and conditions have been read and agreed to.


    A refund is based on the issue at hand and is never guaranteed. The company would research and investigate the issue or complaint that was brought to their attention. If a service was not completed fully due to a faulty part, the supplier would first provide a new part, and would be installed at no additional charge. The company cannot control manufacture defects. If damage occurred to the vehicle during the repair, that was a direct result of a hired technician and evidence was provided to confirm this. The company would arrange with the customer to have the damage repaired on a timely manner. It would be up to the company to issue a refund in addition to covering the cost for the damage repair. GoWrench does not cover costs of towing.


    GoWrench Auto has the legal right to place a repair lien on your vehicle. If the payment arrangements are not met, GoWrench Auto has the legal right pursue actions against you including, but not limited to, collections, repossession of vehicle, or court action. If repossession occurs, GoWrench Auto will remain in possession of your vehicle until your balance is paid in full - payment arrangements will not be accepted. If not payments are made, actions can be taken further to collect funds as stated in the Repair and Storage Lien Act.

    GoWrench Auto has the right to retain possession of your vehicle until balance is paid in full or acceptable payment arrangements have been made in writing.

    Please note: these payments arrangements constitute a legal binding agreement. In accordance with the Repair and Storage Liens Act (Part III)  


    -Mobile Repairs; Repairs are completed on location of the vehicle, services provided will be as listed on quote. Quotation and invoice price may change up to a maximum of 10%. Any changes in final invoiced price that exceeds 10% of the originally quoted price,  will need the client's approval before continuing. Large repairs can un-surface further issues during disassembly that could not have been discovered during initial diagnostic. This may require clients to further approval any additional work needed to successfully complete larger repairs.

    -Mobile Rustproofing; Rustproofing is not a service that will fix and repair rust. It is a preventative maintenance that will protect your vehicle from weather and road conditions that cause a vehicle's frame and body to rust over time. Rustproofing does not stop rust from occurring, but merely slows the process to keep vehicle in good shape and prolong the overall life of the vehicle.


    Service Call - Our clients can cancel service appointments, giving 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled service time, without any charge. If appointment is made with the 24 hour window the client must cancel within the hour of service request. To cancel appointments please contact our office by phone at 289-203-6656 or toll free at 1- 855-203-9149.  Email notifications of cancellation are not 100% guaranteed of being received and will not be accepted within the 24 hours window.  In the event of cancellation beyond the above stated stipulations a $120 cancellation fee along with any applicable parts restocking fees will be charged to the client.

    Parts - Upon a non-refundable parts order/purchase, the client will be charged and provided with with parts ordered. All other parts orders are subject to supplier's restocking fee if applicable.

    Subscription - Our clients can cancel their monthly subscription to services offered at Go Wrench Auto at any time. Upon cancellation, the client must pay for services used in full minus what they have paid in subscription fees.  Clients are aware that the monthly subscriptions initially offered were intended for the use of services provided by the company.


    Once an appointment is booked it is up to the client to ensure that they themselves or someone else is on location to allow access to the vehicle to allow work to be carried out. Unless other arrangements were made to gain access to vehicle without someone present, it is up to client to ensure these arrangements are carried out on their end. In the result that nobody is on location or that any arrangements for access were not carried out then a ‘No Show’ fee of $110.00 (one billable hour) plus applicable taxes is charged to client to cover the mechanic/technician for coming out and taking up an appointment that someone else could have had.


    Both parties shall maintain strict confidentiality and shall not disclose to any third party any information or material relating to the other or the other’s business, which comes into that party’s possession, and shall not use such information and material without written permission by the other party. This provision shall not, however, apply to information or material, which is, or becomes, public knowledge by means other than by breach by a party to this clause.


    Subject to the prior written consent of the Company, the Client shall not induce to employ, whether as an employee, agent, partner or consultant, any employee of the Company directly associated with completion of the services.


    The company offers a 1 year 20,000 kilometer warranty on all parts and products installed from the date of purchase for all parts, products and labour. Warranty is non-transferable.

    Go Wrench Auto has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with services provided, it is up to the client to notify the company within 30 days following the service so that the company can resolve any issues pending.


    Warranty is not covered on client-supplied parts. At any time parts are supplied by the client for any job, any labour provided in relation to client-supplied parts are not covered under warranty. Unless otherwise agreed upon in a written contract. If a client supplied part fails or does not work due to a manufacturer defect, it’s not covered by the company and you will need to contact the part supplier to cover the part and associated labour to replace it. Warranty on company-supplied parts may include a replacement part by the supplier when a refund is not applicable.

    Warranty is void when damage to your vehicle is caused by rough use/misuse as a commercial vehicle, general misuse, and neglect on proper and routine maintenance as directed by the vehicles owners’ manual. Any alterations/modifications to the vehicle with aftermarket parts or any external causes like fires, accidents, etc.

    Any work that was not scheduled through the company or that was paid to the mechanic directly and not through the company’s program/system is not covered under warranty.

    Any issue or pre-existing mechanic/electrical issue that is not in relation to the repair scheduled for or not known by the mechanic is not covered under warranty. (Replacing a water pump and hoses that were old and brittle break are not covered.)

    Any repairs that are requested by the client for the mechanic to perform that was not included in the initial contact are not covered and result in extra fees at the client’s expense.

    If after services completed, the client takes their vehicle to another mechanic to diagnose a repair or issue that they believe was caused after receiving services. If this is done without giving the company the first opportunity to inspect and correct any problems that would be covered under warranty, or hasn’t been given consent by the company to have another mechanic company to do so on our behalf, voids the warranty entirely.

    Any consequential effects of services performed. (A differential fluid change is completed, but due to the lack of regular fluid changes the differential fails to operate properly because it cannot handle the new fluid is not covered under warranty)

    GoWrench Auto / GoWrench Inc. - 191 Locheed Drive - Hamilton, Ontario – Canada - L8T 5A5 - Last updated: March, 2017


    The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about the types of personal information GoWrench Inc. (as known in the document as, “GoWrench”, “The Company”, “we” or “us”) collects, uses and discloses. It explains how we use and disclose that information. We are commitmented to your privacy by complying with the laws and regulations under applicable privacy laws in Canada, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. We will treat personal information in a manner consistent with the version of the Privacy Statement under which it was collected and our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to any personal information collected or receive about you, from any source, including through our websites and other online platforms. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy before providing us with any personal information and before using any of our programs. By providing us with any personal information or using our website or any of our programs, you are signifying that you agree with all of the terms of this Privacy Policy, so please do not do so if you disagree with any part of this Privacy Policy.

    How do we collect your personal information? We will always collect your personal information by fair and lawful means. For example, you may provide your personal information when you complete a contest form, submit a quote/job request form or contact form. You may also provide your personal information when you use our website or one of our programs, including by creating an account, entering a contest, signing up for email communications or participating in a survey. We may also collect your demographic data, such as your gender and postal code, when you provide this information to us. Demographic data may be used to tailor your experience on the website and the communications you receive from us. On occasion, aggregate information that does not identify any particular user may be compiled and shared with our affiliates and other third parties as described in Section III below.

    How do we use technology to collect information through the Sites? We collect anonymous information about any user that visits our website or our other online programs. This information may include a user’s browser type, type of computer operating system, and the domain name of the website from which the user linked to the Sites. This information is collected for GoWrench’s internal use, such as to enhance website security, to detect broad demographic trends, to assist GoWrench in providing content tailored to a user’s interests and to otherwise enhance the user experience on the website. We may use a “cookie” or similar technology to assist us to customize the website. A “cookie” is a data file that a website sends to a user’s computer while that user is viewing the site. These data files include information that allows a website to remember information that will make that user’s use of the website more efficient and helpful to him or her. Cookies do not damage computer systems or files, and only the website that transferred a particular cookie to you can read, modify or delete such cookie. What if I don’t want cookies? If you don’t want to use cookies with our website, there are simple procedures in most browsers that allow you to delete existing cookies, to automatically decline cookies or to be given the choice of declining or accepting the transfer of particular cookies to your computer. Please refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions. You may be limited to the full experience of the website if cookies are blocked.

    How do we use your personal information? We use your information for a variety of different reasons. Including; sending you communications and information, processing orders and invoices, responding to online inquiries, and conducting contests and promotions. We also use it for detecting and preventing fraud and for processing transactions.

    Where do we store your information?

    We store your personal information in our data center in Canada. Any payment information is stored with a third party company that we use for processing payments for security reasons.


    How do we obtain your consent? We obtain your consent prior to collecting, using or disclosing your personal information for any purpose. The form of consent that we seek, including whether it is express or implied, will largely depend on the sensitivity of the personal information.