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    About Windshield Wiper Module Replacement

    What does the windshield wiper module do? The windshield wiper module is essentially to command centre for your wiper system. It is located behind the dash and controls everything from the switch located on your steering column to the operation of the wiper gearbox. When you operate the windshield wiper switch on your steering column, it sends a message to the windshield wiper module. The windshield wiper module then interprets that message and sends a command to the wiper motor . If the module is not working correctly, the motor may not receive the correct command, causing it to act erratically How do you know you need your wiper module replaced? Your wipers may become operational without turning the wiper switch Your wipers may not respond to on/off commands Windshield wipers do not work at all You are unable to control the wiper speed or the wiper speed is inconsistent How is the wiper module replaced by a mobile mechanic? The wiper motor is removed from the vehicle The faulty module is removed from the motor A new, working module is installed in the wiper motor Wiper motor is installed back into the vehicle Wiper system is tested for functionality How important is having your wiper module replaced? Working windshield wipers are an integral part of having a safe vehicle. If your wiper module is not sending the correct commands to the wiper motor the problems that could arise range from mild annoyance to complete lack of visibility in a storm. Windshield systems are not part of routine maintenance and are expected to last a very long time. If you do notice irregularities with the functionality of your system, it is best to get the entire system inspected to Œensure the proper and most efficient repairs are being completed

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