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    About Windshield Wiper and Washer System Inspection

    What does the wiper/washer system do? Your vehicle's wiper/washer system is made up of a variety of components to keep your windshield free from dirt and debris, ensuring that you have the best possible view of the road. This is a very integral part to operating your vehicle safely. When should you get your wiper/washer system inspected? Your washer fluid reservoir is full, but not reaching the windshield Your windshield wipers do not work, or work only intermittently Your windshield washer tubes appear to be leaking or you are going through more washer fluid than normal Your wiper blades appear to be in good condition but are not properly cleaning your windshield How is the wiper/washer system inspected by the mobile mechanic? Inspect blades for wear and tear Inspect arms for bends affecting the functionality of wipers Inspect the arm linkage system Examine all tubes and nozzles for leaks or other problems Check fuses and pump motor to ensure power is reaching the system Inspect the washer switch and wiper switch How important is having your wiper/windshield system inspected? Working windshield wipers is an integral safety feature for the safe operation of your vehicle. If you notice your wipers or your washer system is not working correctly you should arrange to have it inspected and repaired at your earliest convenience. You do not want to wait for the next rainstorm to discover you do not have the equipment needed to keep you and your family safe.

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