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    About Windshield Washer Tubes Replacement

    What do the windshield washer tubes do? The windshield washer tubes carry the washer fluid from the reservoir, to the nozzles with aid of the windshield washer pump. Delivery of windshield washer fluid to your windshield is essential in keeping slush, dirt, snow and ice at bay to ensure optimal visibility while driving. Since these tubes are made of plastic and experience a wide range of temperatures, they are prone to wearing and cracking over time. How do you know you need your washer tubes replaced? You may be running out of washer fluid unusually fast Your washer fluid is not reaching the nozzles or windshield You have a pool of liquid in your parking space You tubes look cracked or cloudy How are the wiper tubes replaced by a mobile mechanic? The washer system is examined to determine the source of the issue If broken, the old tubes are carefully removed Connections are checked for any dirt or debris New, working washer tubes are installed Wiper system is tested for functionality How important is having your washer tubes replaced? Windshield washer fluid is a key tool for keeping the dirt, debris, snow and ice at bay. Without windshield washer fluid you may have difficulty keeping your windshield clean, preventing optimal visibility. If your washer tubes are cracked or broken, your washer fluid will not make it to the windshield - resulting in wasted money in addition to compromised visibility. If you notice your washer system is not working as expected, schedule a wiper/washer system inspection at your earliest convenience to determine the source of the issue.

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