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    About Window Motor and Regulator Assembly Replacement

    What does the window motor/regulator assembly do? Whenever you raise or lower your windows, you have a couple of different assemblies at play. The motor, which gives the window the power to move up and down, and the regulator, which helps to keep the window in place. ,Regulator assemblies are usually one of two systems, a cable system - which puts less stress on the motor, but is more likely to break itself, and a scissor style assembly - which is very sturdy in itself, but may wear out your motor faster. How do you know you need your window motor/regulator assembly replaced? Your windows do not open or close when activated Your window falls out of place when opening or closing Your window moves slowly or needs several pushes to close entirely You hear banging or other sounds while operating your power windows How are the window motor/regulator assembly replaced by a mobile mechanic? The inside door panel is removed to access the assembly The system is examined to determine the source of the issue The electrical connections are disconnected and the motor removed New, working regulator is installed Window motor is reinstalled or replaced depending on need How important is having your window motor/regulator assembly replaced? Having working windows is something we often take for granted. If your power windows are not working correctly the issues that arise could range from not being able to go through drive-through windows, not being able to lower your window for a police officer, or if your window happens to be stuck down, water damage and theft, If you notice your power windows are not working as expected, we suggest you contact us as soon as you can so that we can get it taken care of for you.

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