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    About Transmission fluid is leaking Inspection

    Transmission fluid is leaking Inspection Transmission fluid has several roles inside the transmission. It acts as a lubricant, coolant and power convertor. A leak can be noticable be seeing a red fluid on the ground in most cases. What could be the issue that requires a Transmission fluid is leaking Inspection?Damaged pressure and return linesDamaged pan gasket / sealsDamaged transmission panDamaged Oil CoolerBad torque convertor What to expect One of our Experienced Mobile Mechanics will come and Inspect the transmission and related components to determine where the leak is coming from. They will then give you a copy of the report and an estimate cost for repairs if needed. How is a Transmission fluid is leaking Inspection done by a mechanic? The mechanic will inspect the pan and gasket to see if it’s seeping through pan, faulty drain plug or from the gasket. Then the lines and cooler are inspect furthur if no issues with pan. How important is having a Transmission fluid is leaking Inspection? The transmission is a closed system and a very important part to the vehicles operation. If the Transmission runs dry to can cause serious damage internally and can be unfixable if left too long without fluid. If you notice a leak, contact you mobile mechanic to come and inspect the vehicle so it can be repaired right away.

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