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    About Tie Rod End Replacement

    What does the tie rod end do? The tie rod ends are part of the steering wheel to wheels mechanism. The tie rod ends are located at each front wheel. The tie rod ends exist to connect the steering mechanism to the wheels and work to keep your wheels aligned. Proper alignment ensures that the tires will wear evenly and remain safer for a longer period of time. How do you know you need your tie rod end replaced? Your wheels become misaligned You hear a knocking noise originating from the wheel Your steering wheel shakes at high speeds Your car pulls to either the left or right side How is the tie rod end replaced by a mobile mechanic? The tie rod is inspected to see if it needs to be replaced The wheel on the side(s) that need(s) a new tie rod is removed Œć The old tie rod is removed and replaced The steering system is inspected to ensure there is no further damage The wheel is reinstalled The car is test driven Your vehicle will need an alignment after the tie rod end is replaced How important is having your tie rod end replaced? Your tie rod ends exist to keep your wheels aligned and balanced. If they require replacing, your tires will wear out more quickly resulting in incremental costs to replace tires more frequently. Your steering wheel will also shake at high speeds which is very stressful for most people.

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