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    About Throttle Kicker Actuator Replacement

    What does the throttle kicker actuator do? When you press on the gas pedal, a cable attached to the throttle body allows extra air and fuel to enter the engine. If you release the pedal suddenly, your engine speed doesnäóťt immediately drop to idle. It gradually lowers RPMäóťs in a controlled manner. When your engineäóťs accessories such as air conditioning come on, the engine speed increases slightly in order to provide power to these accessories. These operations function via the throttle kicker actuator, or solenoid. How do you know you need your throttle kicker actuator replaced? Vehicle stalls Vehicle has issues starting Transmission has issues shifting into gear How is the throttle kicker actuator replaced by a mobile mechanic? The battery is disconnected The defective throttle kicker is removed The new throttle kicker is installed The battery is connected and system is tested How important is having your throttle kicker actuator replaced? The throttle kicker prevents the engineäóťs RPMs from fluctuating too rapidly and keeps the throttle slightly engaged the vehicles accessories draw more power. It is controlled by both electronic means and vacuum. If the throttle kicker actuator isnäóťt functioning properly, your engine can stall when the throttle is released quickly and the transmission may have difficulty shifting.

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