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    About Steering wheel does not turn car Inspection

    Steering wheel does not turn car Inspection Typically, while the vehicle is running, turning the steering wheel turns the wheels itself. The steering wheel is the only way to steer your vehicle on the road. On the off chance that your steering wheel doesn't turn the vehicle, there's a problem with the system and it's crucial to find the cause. What could be the issue that requires a Steering wheel does not turn car Inspection?Steering wheel lock is engagedFaulty steering shaftFaulty intermediate shaftFlawed Power Steering Pump or PulleyLow Power Steering FluidDamaged or broken Serpentine/ Drive Belt What to expect One of our Experienced Mobile Mechanics will come and diagnose your vehicle’s steering wheel, power steering system and other elements. They will then give you a copy of the report and an estimate cost for repairs if needed. How is a Steering wheel does not turn car Inspection done by a mechanic? .The mechanic will determine if your steering wheel is locked or if there is an issue with the power steering system which makes it difficult to turn the steering wheel. The mechanic also checks the level of your power control fluid, the condition of the belts etc. How important is having a Steering wheel does not turn car Inspection?If your steering wheel does not turn the car or it is very difficult to turn, there is a deeper issue. Regular inspections of various components can help. However, your car is unsafe to drive without an operational steering wheel. One of our expert mechanics can diagnose and fix the issue so that you can return safely on the road.

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