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    About Steering Stabilizer Stop Replacement

    What is the steering stabilizer stop? A steering stabilizer stop is installed in SUVs and trucks with large tires to help reduce or eliminate wobble and feedback at the steering wheel. The large amount of weight added to the front of these vehicles puts significant strain on the steering and suspension, and can result in excessive äóěwobblingäó. A steering stabilizer or can be added to a vehicle that is not already equipped with one. How do you know your steering stabilizer stop needs replacing? Vibration of the steering wheel is increased You may experience an intense wobbling of the steering wheel while travelling a higher speeds. Steering feels choppy, loose or imprecise How is your steering stabilizer stop replaced by a mobile mechanic? The vehicle is lifted on jack stands. The defective steering stabilizer stop is removed and a new one is installed. The steering rack and gear box is replaced and the system is filled with new fluid. The vehicle is lowered from the jack stands and checked for proper steering stabilizer stop operation. How important is it to have your steering gear adjuster plug replaced? A worn steering stabilizer stop can lead to what is called a äóědeath-wobbleäó, which is a very violent and dangerous wobbling of your vehicle. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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