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    About Steering Rack and Gearbox Replacement

    What is the steering rack/gearbox? The steering rack works alongside the power assist system to allow you to maneuver your vehicle with such ease. A rack and pinion system is made up of several large components including main-shaft, universal joints, and an underlying intermediate shaft which immediately responds to the movements made with your steering wheel. How do you know your steering rack needs to be replaced? You hear a hard clunking noise when you go over large bumps, this can also be accompanied with a feeling of being disconnected to the steering wheel. Difficult, sloppy or uneven steering You notice power steering fluid leaking underneath the vehicle How is your steering rack/gearbox replaced by a mobile mechanic? The vehicle is lifted on jack stands. The tires are removed and tie rods and steering gear disconnected. The steering rack and gear box is replaced and the system is filled with new fluid. The tires are placed back on the vehicle and it is removed from the jack stands. How important is it to have your steering gear adjuster plug replaced? As with many steering related issues in a vehicle, being able to have proper control of the steering is important. A broken Steering rack can certainly contribute to loss of control of a vehicle.

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