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    About Spring Insulators Replacement

    What do spring insulators do? Spring insulators are small pieces of rubber that are located at the top and bottom spring mounts, they work to reduce the possibility of damage to your front springs. It is important to have insulated springs, they are a vital part of your vehicle's suspension system. How do you know your spring insulators need to be replaced? You notice a grinding noise when turning your vehicle You notice excessive/loud road noise within the cabin of your vehicle How are your spring insulators replaced by a mobile mechanic? The vehicle is put onto jack stands and all the tires are removed so the front and rear shocks can be disconnected. The defective front spring insulator is replaced by lowering the lower control arm and replacing the top and bottom spring insulators. The new rear spring insulators are installed by lowering the rear end till the spring can be removed to install the new insulators. The suspension and shocks are reconnected and all tires are put back on. The new springs are road tested to ensure successful function. How important is it to have your spring insulators replaced? Damaged or worn spring insulators can lead to coil spring problems if they are not replaced.

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