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    About Parking Brake Warning Switch Replacement

    What does the parking brake warning switch do?, Your car is equipped with two braking systems: the primary one which is activated via the brake pedal, and the secondary one which can be activated through the emergency brake. Depending on your manufacturer and more importantly, the car model, you can either have a handle between the front seats (handbrake), or a pedal just to the left of the brake pedal. Though they use a slightly different mechanism, the purpose is the same. They stop the car from rolling backwards or forwards, whether itäóťs on a slight incline or a large, steep hill. Although itäóťs not that common, the parking brake warning switch might fail and need replacement.,, How do you know you need your parking brake warning switch replaced?,, , The dash light does not come on when you engage the parking brake, The dash light remains on after the parking brake has been disengaged , The dash light comes on and off intermittently ,,,, How is the parking brake warning light switch replaced by a mobile mechanic?,, ,, The parking brake warning light switch is disconnected, The parking brake is engaged and the warning switch is removed from its bracket, A new working parking brake light warning switch is installed, The switch is tested for operation ,,, How important is having your parking brake warning light switch Œćreplaced?, Not only is it a requirement for everyday driving, especially when parking on inclines, you may be driving with the e-brake on and not knowing it. Replacing the warning switch is vital as it may save your car from rolling down a hill and costing you a lot of money. ,

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