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    About Neutral Safety Switch Replacement

    What does the neutral safety switch do? The neutral safety switch allows your engine to start while the transmission is in neutral. It works exactly like the clutch does in manual transmissions, keeping the automatic transmission from starting in gear. Itäóťs usually located in two places. Column and mechanical floor shifters have a neutral safety switch located on the transmission, while electronic floor shifters have it located on the housing. How do you know you need your neutral safety switch replaced? You notice your vehicle does not start in neutral Your vehicle will only start when in drive or park How is the neutral safety switch replaced by a mobile mechanic? The vehicle is raised onto jack stands The battery is disconnected and the shifter linkage disassembled The neutral safety switch is located, tested and replaced The shifter linkage is reassembled and the battery connected The vehicle is lowered off the jack stands and tested by starting in neutral How important is having your neutral safety switch Œćreplaced? A neutral safety switch replacement is relatively inexpensive, and with mechanics that come directly to you - thereäóťs no reason to delay. Starting the car in neutral is required in a lot of situations, and you never know when youäóťll need it.

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