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    About Lubricate Suspension

    What is suspension lubrication? The suspension system is a vital part in keeping your vehicle steady and easy to control while on the road. Many parts of the suspension system are connected by joints such as U-joints and ball joints. These joints make it possible for the attached parts to move around freely in a range of motions. Proper lubrication enables these joints to work properly and decrease wearing over time. How do you know the suspension needs to be lubricated? Your suspension feels more bumpy/rough than usual Groaning sound when turning the vehicle Squeaking noises from underneath the vehicle while driving over bumps How is the suspension lubricated by a mobile mechanic? Grease is applied to zerk fittings of all the steering and suspension parts with a grease gun and/or aerosol lubricant. How important is it to have your suspension lubricated? It is important to maintain lubrication in the parts of the steering and suspension so that excessive wear and tear and possible catastrophic damage to the systems can be avoided.

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