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    About Grinding noise when braking Inspection

    Grinding noise when braking Inspection

    Are your brakes making a terrible grinding noise when they are applied? If the answer is yes then you should have them inspected ASAP.

    What could be the issue that requires a Grinding noise when braking Inspection

    • The brake pad is completely worn out and the steel backing plate of the brake pad is contacting the rotor causing the grinding noise
    • The brake pad is worn out to the point that it has fallen out of the brake pad carrier bracket and the caliper is contacting the rotor while braking.

    What to expect

      An Experienced and licensed mechanic will come to your home or work to inspect the grinding noise when braking. The mechanic will then give an estimate cost for repairs.

    How is a Grinding noise when braking Inspection done by a mechanic?

    • The technician will perform a test drive to confirm the complaint
    • The wheels are removed and a visual inspection is performed to determine what needs to be replaced
    • The client is informed of the problem and what needs to be replaced or repaired.

    How important is having a Grinding noise when braking Inspection?

    If your brakes are making a grinding noise when they are being applied it is extremely important to have this inspection performed. Not only if the noise sound unsafe it is unsafe to drive with the brakes in such bad condition. In the worse case scenario the brakes will fail altogether when the brakes are applied which is why it is so important to have your brakes inspected as soon as they start making an abnormal noise

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