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    About Fuel Meter Assembly Replacement

    What is the fuel meter assembly? The fuel meter on your vehicle is a gauge on your dash that tells you how much gas is in your tank. In older vehicles, the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank reads the resistance from the float level and transmits that to the fuel gauge. In newer vehicles the information goes through a body control module which then sends a signal to the fuel meter. The needle on the fuel gauge goes up or down based on the resistance sent by the fuel level sensor. How do you know your fuel meter assembly needs to be replaced? Your fuel gauge inaccurately shows that your tank is either full or empty all the time The level may read erratically How is the fuel meter assembly replaced by a mobile mechanic? The battery is disconnected and the rear seat is removed to allow access to the fuel pump. The defective meter is removed from the gas pump assembly and a new meter is installed. The pump and seat are reinstalled and the battery is reconnected. The system and vehicle are tested for proper operation of the new meter. How important is it to have your fuel meter assembly replaced? If your fuel meter is faulty, you will not get an accurate reading of the amount of fuel in your tank. This could cause you to run out of gas because you were not properly notified of a low gas level.

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