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    About Cruise Control Switch Replacement

    What does the cruise control switch do? Modern cruise control is an amazing luxury weäóťve come to really appreciate and demand. The set-and-forget deal where you set your speed and the vehicle automatically maintains its speed not only saves fuel, but spares you the need to monitor the speed and instead focus only on the road ahead. The steering wheel or column hold the cruise control buttons, in most cases consisting of an on/off switch, resume and coast buttons. How do you know you need your cruise control switch replaced? The cruise control will fail to set or activate The cruise control may randomly cut out when driving, or be reluctant to turn back on The vehicle fails to maintain its speed or acceleration rate How is the cruise control switch replaced by a mobile mechanic? After an inspection of the cruise control system to determine that the cruise control switch is the culprit, the battery is disconnected to prevent electrical shock. The airbag is removed to better access the switch The switch is removed and replaced The airbag is reinstalled and the battery reconnected The vehicle may be road tested to ensure proper operation of cruise control switch How important is having your cruise control switch replaced? Cruise control is not a necessity, even by todayäóťs standards, but it is certainly welcome. Using cruise control may help you improve your gas mileage if you do a lot of highway driving. ŒćIf yours isnäóťt working, get it checked over by a mechanic.

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