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    About Car is making a noise Inspection

    Car is Making a Noise Inspection

    Hearing any strange noise come from your car can be alarming. Many components of a vehicle can make weird noises when they’re damaged or not functioning efficiently. Determining the cause can sometimes be difficult because of the range of possibilities!

    What could be the issue that requires a car is making a noise inspection

    • Tires
    • Aerodynamic interference
    • Exhaust system
    • Suspension system
    • Brakes and wheels
    • Hoses
    • Engine parts
    • Belts and pulleys

    The first step is to pinpoint the exact location the noise is coming from. This could be from outside the car, under the car or under the hood.

    What to expect

    • Your certified mechanic will arrive during your scheduled time slot
    • Your GoWrench mechanic will inspect your entire vehicle to determine the cause of the car making a noise
    • Your GoWrench mechanic will provide detailed feedback on your issue

    How is a car is leaning to one side inspection done by a mechanic?

    • Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will visually inspect your vehicle from the outside, underneath and under the hood
    • Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will determine which part or parts are causing the sound
    • Once completed, your certified GoWrench Mechanic will provide a detailed description of the issue and next steps.

    How important is having a car is making a noise inspection?

    Because of the wide range of issues that can cause a car to make a noise, it’s important to have an inspection and repairs done straight away. Some issues are easily resolvable, but some are difficult and expensive. Discovering a small issue early can help you to avoid a big repair and bill!

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