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    About Brake Caliper Replacement

    What does the brake caliper do? The brake caliper is what presses the brake pads against the brake rotors in order to stop the vehicle How do you know you need your brake caliper replaced? Your brake pedal will feel spongy and hard to stop the vehicle The brakes will be hotter than normal and possibly smoking The vehicle will pull to the left or right when braking How is the brake caliper replaced by a mobile mechanic? The wheel is removed in order to access the brake caliper The brake flex hose is removed from the caliper The old caliper is removed from the steering knuckle The new caliper is installed onto the steering knuckle The brake flex hose is installed onto the new caliper The brake system is bled of air The wheel is reinstalled and torqued to specification How important is having your brake caliper replaced? The brake caliper is a major part of your vehicle's braking system. If it is not performing properly it can cause more damage and possibly even an collision

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