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    About Adjust Windshield Washer Jets

    Adjust Windshield Washer Jets Although it may seem like they are simply little pieces of plastic in the middle of your hood - windshield washer jets are a very important safety component of your vehicle. Your windshield washer jets must spray windshield washer fluid on your windshield while you drive your vehicle at varying speeds - with properly aligned windshield washer jets, your windshield cleaning system should be able to easily remove dirt and debris from your view while driving. What could be the issue that requires adjusting windshield washer jetsYour windshield washer jets are spraying unevenlyYour windshield washer fluid is not reaching the windshieldYou are able to easily move the windshield washer jets out of the proper positionThe nozzle of the jets is pointing in the wrong direction If the nozzles on your windshield washer jets are spraying in the wrong direction, unevenly or not at all, the jets may need to be adjusted or replaced. This problem could be linked to any one part of your windshield washing system. If your washer jets aren’t properly cleaning your windshield glass, have one of our certified mechanics inspect the whole windshield washing system. This way you can be sure that you are replacing or repairing the correct part and your windshield washing system can work as intended. For most cars, the cost of replacing each component of the windshield washing system is fairly reasonable. What to expectYour certified mechanic will arrive during your scheduled time slotYour GoWrench mechanic will inspect all components of the windshield washing system Your GoWrench mechanic will provide detailed feedback on your issue How is will your mobile mechanic adjust your windshield washer jets? Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will check the windshield washer jets on the hood of your vehicleYour certified GoWrench Mechanic will check all relevant tubes for leaks Your certified GoWrench Mechanic will then check all relevant sensors and switches Once completed, your certified GoWrench Mechanic will provide a detailed description of the issue and next steps. How important is having your windshield washer jets adjusted? Being able to see the road is a fundamental safety requirement to operating your vehicle. In fact, having your windshield obstructed by dirt and debris to the point that visibility is obstructed could result in a large fine from provincial police. If you notice that your windshield washer system is not working as intended, schedule an appointment with your certified mobile mechanic today.

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