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Your car professionally detailed at your home or work

Have GoWrench's award winning professional service come to you to get your car looking, smelling and feeling fresh and clean again.  Enjoy your ride wherever life takes you!  Each of our detailing packages are competitively priced for a high end service.  Each service visit has a $40 mobile fee so bundle your services together or have it done with a friend and save!

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Interior Car Detailing

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Carpet & Upholstery 
- Floor Mats Shaken and Cleaned
- Carpets Vacuumed 
- Upholstery Vacuumed 
Dashboards, Trim and Console
- Dashboard and Console Area 
- Passenger Trim Pieces
- Steering Wheel
- Knobs
- Vents 
- Glovebox 
- Cup Holders
- Ashtray 
- Seat Levers
- Vacuumed
Windows & Glass 
- Windshield Cleaned
- Sunroof 
- All Windows (Interior)
- Mirror
- Trunk Vacuum 
- Rain Gutter
- Rear Window Section 
- Door Jambs
Silver Features
Carpet Shampoo and Extraction  
Salt Removal  
Trunk Lid  
Gold Features
Seat Shampoo, Extraction and Conditioning    
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning (If applicable)    
Trunk Shampoo    


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Exterior Car Detailing

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Painted Surfaces
- Washed
- Hand Dried
- Cleaned / Washed
- Rubber Cleaned
- Dressed with Tire Shine
Windows & Glass
- Windshield Cleaned
- Sunroof
- Side Mirrors
- All Windows
- Headlights & Taillights
Trim & Moulding
- Front & Rear Bumpers
- Splash Guards
- Front Grill
- License Plates
- Door Jambs
Professional Treatments
- Professional Wax  
- Dual Sealing/ Paint Protection  
- Wheel Wells Scrubbed  
- Tail Pipe Shined  
- Gas Fill Door Cleaned  
Gold Features
- Clay Bar Treatment and Removal of tar, gum, bugs etc.    
- Rims Waxed    
$45.95 (Add on)
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I work out of town often and have very little time to get my oil change or put the care in my car that it needs..... That's where Mobile Mechanic Go Wrench comes in. They come to my home or work and take care of everything. Convenience at its best. I recommend Go Wrench with a serious five star rating!! 

Dustin Richard


Fast, convenient, super friendly and affordable service. I definitely recommend their services. There was no way I would have been able to get my drive belt replaced on such short notice booking at a shop and super plus I didn't even have to leave my house on a Saturday morning! Their mechanic showed up at 1030AM on a 10AM-12PM estimated time of arrival! Extremely satisfied customer here.

Camille Moren


Consistently GoWrench has been very flexible in helping 180 Drinks mobile bartending with its feet repairs. GoWrench stands behind the quality of their work. Go Wrench even completed repairs I thought wouldn't be possible for a mobile mechanic service to fix. I wish there was an option for a 6/5 star review.

Shawn Quait


Two weekends ago, in the first major storm of the year and bitter cold, Todd from GoWrench came to my house, on very short notice, and replaced my car battery. The service was very professional, and GoWrench was most accommodating. Todd was fast, efficient and friendly, and I will definitely use this service in the future.

Cathie Clark


Had a great experience with gowrench, the mechanics were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They got the job done with no extra surprises. And I didn’t even have to leave my house.

Mike Bolt


OUTSTANDING SERVICE!! First time I have ever used a mobile car repair service and it will NOT be my last. Prompt, polite, courteous service all the way around and VERY cost effective!! Kolton & Jesse, you are both amazing. Thank you for answering all of my questions (I know I had a lot...) Jason, thank you for fixing my van!! Jason is prompt, knowledgeable and professional and he had my van fixed in under an hour. Other garages quoted 4+ hours to complete the repair at triple the cost of GoWrench.

Michelle Delaney


If you haven't booked your auto repair with GoWrench Auto you'll want to for your next repair. They come to home (where mine was done) or at work. The concept is almost too good to be true... But it's true. 1 phone call, quote, booked appointment and you're done. Price was pretty much what I was quoted elsewhere. Jason is a mechanic extraordinaire and Kolton is really down to earth & really cares. Please try them out. You won't be sorry!! Fast, friendly, professional and affordable!

Karen Aquino


Starting using Go Wrench Auto a year and a half ago and I won’t go back to any other. When they come they are efficient knowledgeable and reasonably priced. All in your own driveway. My guy today who put my winter tires on which I purchased from there was amazing!!! I highly recommend them to everyone. I m currently recommending them to all of my family and friends. Amazing Go Wrench Auto!

Peyton Savege

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